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(最新)著名美资公司 Site IT Application Support Manager,地点北京,请关注......

Site IT Application SupportManager




A vacancy exists for Site IT Application Support Manager for MCH, based in HUA. The application support manager is responsible for defining and delivering against the application support service level agreements and aligned to the Business Unit IT game-plans, ensuring that the Business Unit gets best value from its Site Applications by providing high quality functional and technical application support services and development to meet local requirements. This role has responsibility for a number of associates and contractor resources supporting all the MCH operations in a rapidly growing and challenging business.

Personal Attributes
The successful candidate should have a deep understanding of a wide range of business processes across different business functions and segments. This should include a good grasp of the current situation and a clear understanding of the future business directions and priorities. This knowledge should be supported by a good understanding of information technology including applications and its role in supporting the business in the transformation to a future state.

These high level attributes should also be combined with strong people development and project management skills. In addition, a good understanding ofFinancial processes is required.

People Management Responsibility
This role currently has 3 direct reports and an overall team of 1 associate and 2 contractors across the MCH region.

Building Effective Teams
Developing Direct Reports
Business Acumen
Conflict Management
Dealing with Ambiguity
Drive for Results
Interpersonal Savvy

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